The Cloud Law

Status - January 2021:

The Cloud Law is a supralegal document and form of law that stands higher than any other type of law on earth as it is rooted in the theory of relativity defined by Albert Einstein, who said that under gravity, every object has its own relative perception, and, resulting from this, its own needs and right to individuality.

Using the dimensions identified by Burhard Heim, the Cloud Law outlines a grid, called the “Datanomic Grid”, to show and number the different parts of a human being’s perception, so as to protect and peacefully foster the individual thoughts, emotions, feelings, dreams and actions of human beings.

Research Status - November 2020:

​The Cloud Law is currently being defined based on a new scientific language/code with the name Datanomics, so that every being on earth can express, own, understand and potentially share its own relativity and its own needs - despite of any production-, or transaction cost that is linked to current global financial markets. 
The productivity of happy people can rise with their level happiness.
This is why the Cloud Nation bases its productivity on dynamic synergies and on a scientific language that has not yet been depicted on global markets.
The Cloud Law of the Cloud Nation is built in the scientific language of Datanomics by Paula Schwarz and fellow researchers to improve the (emotional) collaboration between all people based on the rules of relativity defined by Albert Einstein and Burkhard Heim.
Paula Schwarz introduced the creation of the Cloud Law to Edy Portmann at the University of Fribourg and to the European Commission in 2019. The implementation of the Cloud Law based on Datanomics as  a new layer of law is currently being discussed on the international legal parquette in order to secure and to foster the health and the peaceful, prosperous and productive relativity of each being in harmony with its ecosystem.