Electonomics is about giving the people the possibility to express their priorities without needing to trust politicians.

What this means is that everyone is asked to express their priorities so that this person can feel more respected and integrated again.

Examples for priorities that could be expressed are money, intercultural understanding, peace, childcare or the improvement of the ecology.

Those who express their priorities are included in a system of change, in which the priorities of different people who want to help build the new system are evaluated and matched.


We then get back in touch with the people who handed in their Electonomics Selection to ask them if they would like to be connected with great teams around them, and to help them work synergistically with one another on the upheaval of society through specific projects and initiatives.

All people who express their priorities are asked to mention 1-5 core-abilities they have.


Community-centered priorities are elected per region by working groups in coherence with other global working groups.


All working groups are self-organized.


The Datanomic World therefore is made-up of a network of people who work and evolve in harmony with one another. 


A system is a system of systems - just like your body has many parts.

But at the end of the day, the world is one.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts.


We should all lead together as a differentiated, flexible, natural, free, healthy and progressive people in a world that is stronger in unity than the sum of its parts.


We lead together as people because we don't want to be lead by individuals anymore.

This has simply proven not to be effective.


It is time for a new electoral system.

We have so many capable people everywhere in the world, as well as possibilities to improve the world together. We must act together now.

If a person who handed in their ability doesn't like the work or the team they have been offered, another option is always available.  

Think of this as "Tinder for work",

in a new system.


You can do something else with one of your core-abilities, so that you can stay happy and so that we can keep on working together as one.


Let's raise our collective joy and our productivity  again, let's make this new global system grow and let's improve the status quo of the planet and of the people everywhere. 

Please stay tuned to participate.

Thank you for your attention